Invisalign® in Tucson, Arizona, is a great option for orthodontic treatment. In most cases, it can be used to straighten teeth just like the traditional metal brackets and wires. However, the great advantage with Invisalign is that you have clear, comfortable trays that can be taken out so you can eat, brush and floss your teeth. Because they are clear, most people do not even know you are wearing them. You will visit the office to switch sets of aligners about every six weeks. Not having metal brackets on your teeth also prevents decalcification (white spots) and decay from occurring around the brackets because they cannot be kept clean. Because all the teeth are moving together, it is also much more comfortable than traditional braces where only certain teeth have brackets, and the wires only pull on certain teeth.

Invisalign also gives you the advantage of the latest orthodontic technology. Each Invisalign aligner is computer-generated with exact specifications. Dr. Randall has a DVD showing the process and end result that we can share with you. Using this technology, you can correct the alignment of your teeth while maintaining a naturally beautiful and professional appearance. To schedule an appointment at Caring Smiles Studio for a free evaluation, call us at 520-809-6100 and see how easy it is to achieve a great smile!