1. Be careful to avoid chewing your cheek or eating anything hot until the numbness wears off.

2. A temporary filling material called cavit has been placed in your tooth to keep food particles out. It is a light gray putty material and some of it may come out, which is expected. However, all of the material comes out, please call the office.

3. It is not unusual to have some discomfort in your tooth when the numbness wears off. This can continue for several days. The doctor will give you a prescription for pain medication. The instructions will be on the bottle, and you only need to take it if you feel pain. It is a good idea to eat something before taking the medication.

4. In most cases you will also be given a prescription for an antibiotic to help clear up any infection in the tooth. It is important that you take all of your medication until it is gone regardless of whether or not you are in pain.

5. All prescriptions will be computer-generated and can be taken to any pharmacy.

6. Root canals usually take two appointments. After the root canal has been completed, and you have not experienced any pain for at least a week, you are ready for the next step. The tooth will need to be built up and will need a crown. It is important that this final step be done as soon as possible after the root canal. If the tooth is left without being completed, it may be lost. We have one-step crown CEREC technology so the buildup and crown can be done in one appointment.